“Kindergarten at St. Mark’s opens up
a new world to children.”


Laying a good foundation

Children enrolled in St. Mark’s Academy’s Kindergartens are trained in important basic skills including recognizing left and right; vocabulary for size, direction, and comparison; the correct use of scissors, crayons, and pencils; an introduction to various art media and to simple music concepts; recognizing and using the basic colors and shapes; and age-appropriate physical education.

Each class is taught many Bible stories, verses, and simple Bible truths about God and His creatures. The classes also explore a variety of science and history themes throughout the year as well as taking part in fun programs for parents.


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Field trips


Kindergarten classes have several field trips scheduled in the course of the year. These are important times of learning and becoming acquainted with our community. Upon enrollment, parents are asked to sign a permission request to allow their children to attend class field trips.

Parents will always be notified in written form of the location, date, time, and purpose of the trip at least two days in advance. Students are supervised carefully, wear name tags, and are seat-belted at all times in vehicles. Some enjoyable trips our students have taken in the past have been to the Merry Meade Farm, nearby parks, museums, the Morris Arboretum, the public library, and more.

We also invite guests into our classrooms from time to time such as policemen, doctors, dentists, and firemen.

Restroom time

Children may go to the bathroom at any time, but set times for restroom are provided for those who get “too busy” and forget. Good restroom manners and cleanliness are emphasized.