We are delighted to know of your interest in our school

Enrolling in a Christian School is one of the best decisions parents can make for their children.


As a school with a Classical and Christian curriculum, we are convinced that a St. Mark’s education is one of the finest a student can receive anywhere. We provide a strong foundational curriculum  that not only prepares our children to do well in the academic disciplines, but is also reliably Christian in the nurture of its students. It is designed to prepare them not only for college, but also for a life of learning.

As you go through the admissions process, please contact us if you need assistance in any way by calling (215) 884-7660.

Begin the application process by clicking on “start” to access a simple online application form. Alternatively you may click “Apply Now” (below) to print out and mail in an application.

For an application to be complete, please submit the application fee ($50.00) to St. Mark’s Classical Academy, 1162 Beverly Rd, Rydal Pa 19046.


Financial Aid


All students with financial need may qualify for Financial Assistance.


We use the FAST application process to administer all financial aid applications. Click on the image and follow the steps.

Need help with the application process? Assistance is available 24 hrs a day at the FAST call center - 1-877-326-FAST (3278)