Welcome to St. Mark’s Classical Academy

A classical and Christian school, offering classes from Pre-Kindergarten - 8th Grade.

Now enrolling for the 2019/2020 school year

"...where the instruction which enlightens the understanding is not separated from the moral education which amends the heart." — Alexis de Tocqueville

“[Cultivating] wisdom and virtue by nourishing the soul on truth, goodness, and beauty.” — ANDREW KERN

Classical Education

As a classical school, we employ the time-honored “trivium” of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric as our educational philosophy and teaching methodology in order to equip pupils for the future with proven tools from the past.


In the grammar stage, young students are taught the basic set of knowledge for each subject and the basic skills for mastering that knowledge.


In the logic stage, the curriculum takes advantage of the argumentative ability of the older pupil, channeling his natural inclination toward sound reasoning and careful thinking.


The rhetoric stage brings to fruition the art of learning. The student begins to integrate a whole sense of life, of the world, and of his place in it. 


School, Family, & Church

“We have found that when family, church, and school reinforce, support, and agree with each other in the Christian and Classical training of children, these young people, without fail, become outstanding members of their communities, to the glory of God.”


Christian Heritage

Our Anglican heritage provides the Christian framework in which we enrich our students with the prayers, sung psalms, and great hymns of historic, orthodox Christianity. Explore our website and discover how a “medieval” classical education at St. Mark’s can help your child discover the treasures of wisdom and knowledge which are the foundation of western civilization.

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The sole purpose of education is simply this: to teach men how to learn for themselves; and whatever instruction fails to do this is effort spent in vain.
— Dorothy Sayers

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